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Round cutting set - 7 cutting heads - 25 - 62 mm

Circular cutter set that allows you to cut a regular circle of wood and gypsum board materials. The kit includes a clamping plate that can be used to hold different size cutting heads. Among the cutting heads you will find the sizes you need to install the most popular spotlights, and hidden distributors. There is an 8mm drill bit in the center of the locking plate to help you center properly during cutting. It can also be used as a conventional drill bit 8 , without a cutting head.

Universal catch plate
Hardened steel blades
Easy replaceable cutting heads
Fits into any chuck drill

After inserting in the mounting plate, turn the cutting head in the correct direction for mounting! Make sure that the cutting head is properly secured before use! When cutting, leave the machine working, do not press the cutting head strongly against the material to be cut.

Cutting Sizes: 25 mm, 32 mm, 38 mm, 45 mm,
50 mm, 56 mm, 62 mm
Height of cutting heads: 25 mm
Sawblade material: Hardened steel (65MN)
TPI (tooth per inch): 8
Hardness: HRC 42 - 45
Max. speed: 1500 rpm
Chuck Compatibility: Standard (not SDS)
Drill bit size: 8 mm