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Picture hanger set - 116 pieces

The basic part of decorating our home is to decorate with photos, we may need many accessories to mount these pictures. In this kit you sure to find the tools you need! Included in the package are hangers, hooks, double and single hooks, nails and other fastening tools for concrete walls. The transparent lid box provides excellent overview.

General fastening products
Versatile problem solving
In a plastic box with clear top
Hooks of multiple sizes and types
Reclosable storage box

Package content: For concrete walls:
5 pcs - long hook
10 pcs - wall hook with 3 pins

Wood / drywall:
6 pcs - Double brass hook
15 pcs - Simple brass hook
50 pcs - 1,4 x 25 mm Wire brad nails brass plated
30 pcs - 2 x 38 mm Wire brad nails brass plated
+ storage box
Material of box: Plastic