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LED Desk Lamp

LED Desk Lamp
Sometimes you need a little extra light and some magnification on your projects. When you're working on fine details of nails, news, electronics, make-ups, stamps, watches or any precision arts and crafts projects, and maybe you can't rely on your naked eye, you definitely need our high-quality magnifying lamp. Additionally, it’s much more easy to find anything under the LED bulb. Our product is immensely flexible due to the spring-balanced tension bars that can be locked on several places. With these convenient additions, let those be in your office or room, your view will be enlarged, but your cost can remain small.

High Bright Energy-Saving LEDs:
LED: 9 W (45 LED)
Light Source: 800 lumen
LED Color: cold white

Head of the Lamp:
Lens can be selected optionally from 3 magnifying types. You can easily change the lens with the Easy-Click-Ring.
Lens with cover that can help to fend off dust, scratches and cover the magnifying glass (open and close functions).
The adjustable head can be positioned to almost any angle by the handle.

Heavy base for stability with non-skid disc for a safe field of view.
The main switch is placed on the base that can be easily touched everywhere.

Rotating head:
The lamp head can be rotated up and down, from left to right.

Tilting head:
Tilting head base to enable maximum comfort in use.

Max. lenght: 1180 mm

Metal table clamp:
Very heavy metal table clamp for stability and safe field of view. The clamp-lock-sístem stays firmly in one place and can be easily clamped on to a table.

Thickness: 10 - 63 cm

Data technice:

Lens Size: 5" (13 cm)
Voltage: AC 230V - 50 Hz
Lamp Colour: white

The magnifier lens are not included.