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Sledge hammer with fiberglass handle - 1360 g / 5440 g

Sledge hammer with hardened steel head and quality fiberglass handle. It is a necessary accessory for any construction or renovation. With the help of the large head you can efficiently demolish various materials, be it wood, brick, stone. The fiberglass handle provides a comfortable grip and a sufficient length of force when working.

Hardened steel head
Symmetrical head for demolition
Long fiberglass handle
Non-slip, ergonomic grip
Hanger hole

10433A / 10433B
Head weight: 1360 g / 5440 g
Total Weight: 1600 g / 6350 g
Head size: 120 x 41 x 150 mm / 185 x 66 x 65 mm
Size: 370 x 120 x 41,5 mm /
Head material: Tempered steel (HRC 48-57)
Handle material: 70% Fiberglass, TPR
Color: Orange / Black