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Hand stapler set - stapler + 3 type of staples

Durable metal hand stapler for stitching upholstery, fabrics, wood, paper and foil. The stapler can also be used for punching square, curved staples and "T" nails between 4 and 14 mm. The adjusting screw on the top of the stapler can control the firing force depending on the material you want to fire. It can be ideal for work and home use.

Massive metal structure
Adjustable firing force
Can also be used with square, curved staples and "T" shaped nails
Locking staples
Non-slip grip

Warnings: For the safety of you and your environment, ensure safety before stapling. Press the staple point firmly against the surface to be stapled. Never use the stapler in the air! Do not point the device at other people. When stapling, take care to avoid injury. Keep out of the reach of children. Children should not use the product! The use of safety glasses and gloves is recommended when working!

Stapler size: 155 x 140 x 22 mm
Stapler material: Metal
Stapler weight: 545 g
Included staples: 500 pcs - 1,2 x 8 mm
500 pcs - 10 mm
500 pcs - 12 mm