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Miter saw box and saw set

Miter saw box set with 2 parts a 350 mm long saw and a plastic 300 mm miter saw box. Used for sawing skirting boards, wood materials. The plastic miter saw box has cut miters for 45 and 90° angles.

- Plastic miter box with hangighole
- Cut miter for 45 and 90° angles
- Built in measuring scale (cm and inch)
- Hardened steel blade
- Rubber coated handle

Sawblade material: Hardened steel (65 MN)
Sawblade length: 350 mm
Sawblade thickness: 0,7 - 1,2 mm
TPI (Teeth per inch): 9
Sawblade height: 100 mm
Hardness: HRC 48 - 50
Miter saw box size: 300 x 140 x 78 mm
Miter saw box material: Plastic