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Glue gun - 7 mm

This glue gun is suitable for smaller fixing tasks and for crafting. Ergonomic design can be advantageous for precision tasks, ideal for photo albums, stationery, plastics or handcrafted decorative elements. The precision tip and drip protection can avoid adhesive dripping. The amount of glue can be precisely adjusted by pulling the gun trigger, to make sure there is not too much adhesive on the surface. The adhesive solidifies after it cooled down.

- High performance
- Ergonomic handle for precision work
- Foldalbe support
- Mechanical pushing
- Insulated nozzle
- Plastic casing

Important note! After plugging it in the gun instantly starts to heat up the adhesive!

Product code: 11098A, 11098B, 11098C
Can be used for: Plastic, wood, metal stationary, textil
Melting temperature: 165 - 180 ÂșC
Adhesive performance: 6 - 10 g / seconds
Usable in two hands: Yes
Power supply: 220 - 240 V
Performance: 15 W
Class of insulating : c
Material: PA6 / ABS
Weight: 180 g
Size: 110 x 110 x 24 mm